5 Effective Ideas to Increase Productivity in Call Center

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In future, call reporting has become an essential practice for call center in UAE. It helps to evaluate the productivity per call, identify every customer’s interaction experience, adherence to the security protocol, and compliances. It also encourages checking if the legal and regulatory needs are being satisfied by specific sectors.

The advancement of technology has changed the customer experience a lot. It can be significantly eased by improving the operational aspect of the call center.

Here are the 5 tried and tested methods that can increase the efficiency level of the employees in the call center.

1. Give Incentives to the Agents: Do not let your staff rely only on their paychecks. It is the employers’ responsibility to make the workplace entertaining which enhances the performance of the employees. So, plan to give incentives for the agents. Games improve their engagement in the training and development process, and it’s fun as well. You can also introduce the performance-based credit points on satisfied customer calls and resolution calls which they can store for food coupons or vouchers. If it is not affordable, you can even start a spot award or credit recognition for their performance. Sometimes, appreciation and accolades matter more than money. Happy agents are more productive than average employees.

2. Use of Artificial Intelligence: The call agent will get connected to the customer only if the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot cannot understand the cues from the interactions or for typical queries where a chatbot doesn’t have an answer. Chatbot saves a lot of time for the customer with quick responses and also improves the call center’s productivity.

3. Reduce the Agents’ Pressure By Analytics: The best way to improve the productivities of the call center and the agents simultaneously is to analyze the content of the call. Analyzing the call content can give you a clear picture of the types of calls that call center in UAE are receiving. Based on the call reports, you have options to divert specific calls to the chatbot or the agent. It’ll drastically reduce the number of unnecessary calls connecting to the agents, and they can answer the crucial ones.

4. Channels Integration: Integrating all the service channels to achieve the first call resolution is another way to increase productivity in the call center in UAE. If the customer gets a resolution in their first interaction with the call center is called first call resolution. It can be achieved by keeping all the service channels and resources open to the customer and service agents as well. The metrics involved in first call resolutions are effective customer support tools, call center agents efficiency, and the type of customer experience delivered.

5. Agents’ Training; Agents’ training and their skill enhancement are crucial to increase productivity in the call center. When you implement the new software and technology to improve call center metrics, you must train your agents. There are many ways to provide training and enhance your agents’ performance with the customer.

The technology transformations take time to get implemented across channels. But, humans at the call center can deliver an exemplary customer experience if it gets strengthened.

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