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In future, call reporting has become an essential practice for call center in UAE. It helps to evaluate the productivity per call, identify every customer’s interaction experience, adherence to the security protocol, and compliances. It also encourages checking if the legal and regulatory needs are being satisfied by specific sectors. The advancement of technology has […]
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A Mystery Shopping Company is pivotal to boosting sales and generating traffic. We believe that customer service excellence and attributes related to staff behavior are the main contributions to any organization’s success and are the main keys to continuous repeat business. Hiring a professional mystery shopping company gives you the chance to gain an outsider’s […]
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With advertising becoming more complex, there is a strong demand for new advanced measurement capable of keeping up. Measurement needs to be flexible enough to model a wide variety of marketing situations that include different mixes of advertising spend, levels of ad effectiveness, types of ad targeting, sales seasonality, competitor activity, and much more. The […]