Case Studies

All Analytics Market Research
Evaluation and Concept Testing for a Proposed Pharmacy Mobile Application
This case study explores the market research conducted by Sapience to assess the feasibility and market readiness for a…
Understanding Consumer Behavior: A Deep Dive into the Canned Food Industry
In today's fast-paced world, convenience foods like canned products have become a staple in many households.
Customer Satisfaction for a Leading Bank in UAE
The bank in UAE aimed to understand the key drivers of customer satisfaction, areas for improvement, and opportunities to…
Understanding Shawarma Brand Health in KSA
A leading food brand in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) sector aimed to deeply understand Shawarma's consumption habits and…
Consumer Preferences in Furniture Purchasing
A prominent furniture retailer in KSA sought to understand consumer purchasing behaviors and preferences in the realm of home…
Unlocking the Key to Success: Sapience’s Focus Groups and Central Location Test for a New Juice Brand Entering the UAE Market
In this case study, we will discuss how Sapience helped a new juice brand entering the UAE market to…
Desk Research on UAE’s Real Estate Sector in 2022
This report delves into the significant trends and consumer preferences that shaped this vibrant market in the said year
Confectionery: Consumer Behavior
Consumers have certain common needs and attitudes. This allows us to segment them into different interest groups for companies.
Gaming Preferences in the Arabic Region
In a bid to comprehend gaming preferences within the Arabic-speaking community, Sapience undertook an extensive research project for a…
Healthcare in the UAE
Sapience conducted a qualitative research study on behalf of one of the leading healthcare providers in the UAE. The…
B2B Research: Cloud Computing in UAE
Sapience undertook a comprehensive study of the adoption, usage, and perception of cloud computing among businesses in the UAE.
Malls in Riyadh – A Cultural and Consumer Perspective
This case study delves into understanding the drivers, needs, and occasions that fuel the mall visits for its residents,…
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