Data Analytics

Advanced data analytics is the essence of our work

We are marketing and consumer insights professionals that use data analytics and machine learning to solve marketing and business problems.

We combine quantitative perspective with qualitative insights, integrating mathematical models with business and market knowledge and technology.

Data Analytics Solutions

Marketing Mix Modeling

Evaluate marketing efforts by estimating the impact of various marketing and media levers on sales. Optimizing the advertising mix and promotional tactics for revenue or profit.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Moving away from heuristics attribution and model customer flow through channels using predictive analysis. Project how customers will converge after N touchpoints and forecast how many conversions we can achieve in a defined time period.

Optimization and Market Simulation

Simulate the effect of advertising and creating response curves. Includes budget setting and optimizing CPA based on the market share and amount of switching between brands.

Campaign Effectiveness & Brand Lift

Understand which segment to target and the relevance of the campaign, and analyzing campaign performance regarding its channels and customer types and its impact on brand lift.

Segmentation and Profiling

Know different customer segments based on their characteristics and behavior. Tailor the communication to suit and target different segments.

Conjoint Modeling (Choice Modeling)

What combination of a limited number of attributes is most influential on respondent’s choice or decision making. Helps in packaging and pricing. Creating market models that estimate market share, revenue, and profitability of new designs.

CRM & eCommerce Analytics

Understand customer engagement and loyalty. Analyze customers’ transaction patterns (RFM, Cohort). Devise a suitable customer contact strategy.

Life-Time Value Analysis

Understand the amount of revenue or profit a customer generates over his/her entire lifetime. Optimize CPA based on LTV. Targeting sales and retention efforts.

Market Basket Analysis

Create association rules to predict what sets of products are purchased together. Helps in the recommendation, product packaging, and promotions.

Category Forecasting

Map opportunities and analyze the brand’s market share and predict growth in a competitive market.

Pricing Strategy

Calculate price elasticity in the light of promotions and other support variables, or understanding price sensitivity based on consumers’ preferences.

Propensity Modeling

Match products with customers based on their characteristics and probability to purchase.

Key Driver Analysis

Identify the drivers of key business outcomes, such as customer satisfaction or loyalty, in order to improve processes and maximize performance and profitability.

Brand Equity Analysis

Define and measure the brand’s KPIs, and tracking the brand’s performance versus competition.

(Market Research + Advanced Analysis)^ Computer Science

Technologies & Tools We Use

data analytics dashboard

Our Marketing Analytics tools:

Marketing Mix Modeling and advanced marketing analytics tool.

Data analytics and interactive dashboard for CRM and e-Commerce.

Case Studies in Analytics

Media ROI Analysis
Our team uses advanced data modeling to quantify the relationship between marketing factors and measure media ROI and sales…
Motor Show Traffic Measurement
Infiniti partnered with Sapience to measure in real-time the precise number and behavior of visitors In Dubai Motor Show.