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Data Analytics – Measure. Analyze. Optimize.

Data is invaluable – a fact, straight, and simple. At Sapience, we help you use this data to optimize your business in leaps and bounds. As professionals in the art of ‘Data Analytics,’ we implement indispensable technology to tackle your ongoing business and marketing issues.

Our approach towards extracting, cleansing, organizing, and presenting data involves integrating machine learning and mathematical models to produce the most reliable and meaningful insights. We proudly stand as one of the leading providers of marketing science, market segmentation, and customer journey mapping, supporting businesses to stay on top of their game.

Data Analytics Solutions

Marketing Mix Modeling

Leverage MMM to gauge the impact of different marketing tactics on your ROI. Evaluate the market share, identify the inputs that need more work, and transform your business like never before. Check our Maximus tool.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Work with us to ditch the heuristic approach and implement predictive multi-touch attribution to get to the root of conversions. Discover every touchpoint that leads to positive action, detect the ineffective ones, forecast future conversion areas, and operate your fundings wisely.

Optimization and Market Simulation

Estimate and resolve complex business problems using optimization modeling, carried out with appropriate mathematical models. We can assess the market value, budget requirement, advertisement impact, and optimize CPA through our exemplary simulation marketing technique.

Campaign Effectiveness & Brand Lift

Measure and analyze how your ad campaigns perform with our strategic campaign effectiveness approach. Recognize target segments, gauge loopholes, and invest in the campaigns that promote brand lift.

Segmentation and Profiling

Enhance buyer engagement and loyalty through exclusive analytics centered around customer segmentation. Categorize your customer base according to demographics, interests, and geographies and profile their age, behavior, and lifestyles. Dive deep into data-driven customer analysis to produce better and gain better.

Conjoint Modeling (Choice Modeling)

Implement CBC to obtain data-based, accurate models on buyer preferences, interests, and purchasing patterns to devise the pricing and demand of your current or existing products. Understand the attributes that most influence your target audience’s purchase decisions, gauge the market value, ROI, and profits to curate valuable new products or improve the existing ones.

CRM & eCommerce Analytics

Use CRM and E-commerce analytics to evaluate your online business’ current performance, future demands, and required changes to stand firm on competitive grounds. Predict customer interests, analyze their transaction choices (with RFM Cohort), formulate customer contact strategies, increase engagement, and achieve customer retention. Check SuperDash

Life-Time Value Analysis

CLV analysis is critical to identify customers who bring you benefits throughout their engagement period with your business. Leverage data to target your existing customers, improve relationships with them, level up sales, promote retention, and optimize your CPA.

Market Basket Analysis

Filter through big data and determine co-occurrence between particular entities depending on your consumer’s buying patterns. Implement affinity analysis to generate association rules and create buyer-centric recommendations, combo packages, and promotional events to captivate customers’ attention.

Category Forecasting

The forecast category allows you to map opportunities based on where they presently are along the sales cycle. Use data to predict sales that are most likely or unlikely to close and analyze the market status to create strategies to promote wins.

Pricing Strategy

Formulate impressive pricing strategies to bring in more demand and better profits. Measure price elasticity against multiple contributing factors impacting a product’s demand. Utilize analytics and the power of big data to gather crucial statistics and price your products for better returns.

Propensity Modeling

Anticipate the probability of customers accepting your offer or closing a sale with propensity modeling. Analyze your audience’s personal preferences, interests, and inclinations to produce strategies to convert prospects into actionable buyers.

Key Driver Analysis

Determine the key factors that drive your business outcomes and result in a positive action or recommendation. These analytics are critical to collect information on what impacts your customer’s satisfaction and enhances loyalty so that meaningful actions can be taken to maximize performance.

Brand Equity Analysis

Identify the KPIs, rectify the loopholes, and perform a thorough brand audit to track your brand’s performance. Measure where your brand stands in the market and lay out effective plans to compete for brand equity.

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Technologies & Tools We Use

data analytics dashboard

Our Marketing Analytics tools:

Marketing Mix Modeling and advanced marketing analytics tool.

Data analytics and interactive dashboard for CRM and e-Commerce.

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