Call Center in Dubai

Outsourcing Done Right

Time and again, it is proven that businesses with remarkable customer services outstood the others. One of the major components that enable smooth customer experiences is implementing the concept of call centers. Operating an in-house call center is financially challenging; however, businesses can considerably reduce costs by outsourcing their services.

Every fiscal year, the necessity and demand for outsourcing to call centers are only growing. Research supports that over 50% of Millenials and GenZ (in 2020) are still into calling businesses for queries. As a leading call center in Dubai, we recognize the critical nature of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and are determined to offer exceptional services to our deemed clients. Sapience has got you covered for all your outsourcing requirements, and we take care of:

  • Market Research
  • Lead Generation
  • Inbound Helpdesk
  • Outbound Telesales

Build Connections. Foster Growth

Businesses must have a keen eye on monitoring their customer behavior, satisfaction, and demands to procure a prominent place in the competitive markets. It is best done when outsourced to a reliable and well-equipped call center. Sapience is one of the leading call centers in Dubai, GCC, and MENA region, catering to multiple industrial sectors viz:

  • Education
  • Trade and E-commerce
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Media and Communication
  • Food Industry
  • Technology
  • Travel and Logistics
  • Hospitality and Apparel
  • Automotive
  • Real-Estate

Market Research Assistance

Our BPO experts ensure offering remarkable Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) services considering the criticality of market research, the importance of its insights, and how they impact a business’ growth. Based on your company goals, we organize interviews or surveys with the target customers and effortlessly focus on their demands, needs, satisfaction, and queries by keeping you in the loop.

Cold Calls and Quality Lead Generation

Cold calling is extremely helpful in generating leads when done with proper articulation, intent, and professionalism. We at Sapience assure you of well-organized cold calling processes that the majority of times result in conversions. The process is simple; we agree with you on the criteria of prospects you are targeting. We then use our random number generator system to reach a wide pool of respondents. We record all our calls and submit the recordings for full transparency. You will only pay for each qualified lead.

Connect. Respond. Resolve Customer Queries

We assist you in bridging the communication gap between your brand and the target audience by offering competitive services available round the clock and throughout the year. Our team of experts and well-trained professionals never gives up a chance to provide a smooth customer experience to your valued audience, from extending an immediate response to queries to ensuring a quick turnaround time.

Full Transparency, Ubiquitous Technology, and Flexible Pricing

Sapience stands firm in the competitive grounds with its uncompromising standards, work ethics, and high-end technology that enables businesses to connect with their customers, serve them right, take their feedback, and improvise accordingly. What makes us unique is our:

  • Vast reach, covering the entire EMEA and North Africa
  • Extensive database of respondents segmented by demographic profile
  • Multilingual operators (English, Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, and German) and university graduates
  • Futuristic technology that enables hassle-free interview recordings
  • Live monitoring feature allowing clients to inspect interviews from anywhere across the globe
  • Competitive pricing and impeccable features


The subtle combination of trained operators, skilled professionals, state-of-the-art technology, and budget-friendly billing makes Sapience the best call center in Dubai.

Call Agents

Markets Covered


Quality Controllers

Stay Ahead of the Crowd

With customers who expect more and businesses competing to deliver more, it becomes crucial for every organization to adopt advanced methodologies, adapt to changes quickly, and be adept at their skills. Call center outsourcing is an essential means to create a pocket-friendly, well-equipped, and high-end customer relationship management system enabling you to stay at par with your audience’s needs.

At Sapience, we are diligently working to help you stay ahead of the crowd and thrive despite the challenging market. With the latest software implementation, experienced operators, inquisitive moderators, and flexible pricing systems, we ease your CRM processes, market research and give you a competitive advantage over other businesses.