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Customers today demand a consistent and personalized purchase experience across all channels: physical, web, and mobile. In this new multichannel environment, marketers and retailers are faced with the difficulty to access the shopping experience that occurs in both online and offline channels. Usually, marketers know which online marketing activities pushed people to visit their websites. Sales-people know […]
To understand why all-encompassing programming language has not yet been developed, we need to investigate the drivers that yield to the variety in development of computer programming. But first, let’s say that in the future, there will be a unified language. The questions that spontaneously rises with this hypothesis are: How it will look like? […]
Organizations are challenged to find a proper balance between alleviating risk and allocating an adequate investment on risk management. It is always better if managers and IT professionals identify threats before they occur and try to entirely avoid them. Nevertheless, in case of occurrence, managers have to be proactive in controlling risks before they become […]