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With advertising becoming more complex, there is a strong demand for new advanced measurement capable of keeping up. Measurement needs to be flexible enough to model a wide variety of marketing situations that include different mixes of advertising spend, levels of ad effectiveness, types of ad targeting, sales seasonality, competitor activity, and much more. The […]
Customers today demand a consistent and personalized purchase experience across all channels: physical, web, and mobile. In this new multichannel environment, marketers and retailers are faced with the difficulty to access the shopping experience that occurs in both online and offline channels. Usually, marketers know which online marketing activities pushed people to visit their websites. Sales-people know […]
Concepts of data visualization: Data visualization brings data from computers to life. It provides a graphical representation by bringing shapes and colors to display quantified information, hence aiding humans in perceiving and understanding data to make informed business decisions. With data visualization, people can delve into a wealth of information, discover patterns, and keep track […]