Evaluation and Concept Testing for a Proposed Pharmacy Mobile Application

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  • Context: The rise of mobile applications in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Need for the Study: To make informed decisions on investing in a new pharmacy application.
  • Business Aim: To assess the target audience’s feedback and determine the application’s acceptance and success probability.

Business Aims and Research Objectives:

  1. To assess current purchase habits via online and mobile platforms.
  2. To evaluate the target segment’s reaction to the proposed mobile application.
  3. To determine likes/dislikes regarding the application’s features.
  4. To measure potential demand for the application.
  5. To collect suggestions for improvements.
  6. To identify the optimal delivery fees.

Research Methodology:

  • A quantitative concept test survey with face-to-face interviews.
  • The Target Segment consists of Riyadh residents, Saudis, males and females aged 18 to 54 with a monthly income of SAR9,000 & above, smartphone/tablet owners, and frequent online shoppers.
  • Sample Size: 500 interviews were conducted in January 2024.

Concept Evaluation:

  • Appeal and Uniqueness: The majority deemed the application somewhat appealing, with a good portion considering it unique.
  • Demographic Breakdown: Appeal and uniqueness ratings were divided by gender, age, and income.

Relevance and Intention to Use:

  • The majority found the application relevant to their needs and showed a high intention to use it.

Price Sensitivity Measurement:

  • Delivery Charge Analysis: Identified SAR 10 as the optimal price point with the maximum willingness to pay.

Name Testing:

  • Most respondents found the proposed name appealing and relevant.

Logo Testing:

  • Three different logo designs were presented for evaluation.

Findings and Recommendations:

  • The proposed mobile application has a favorable outlook based on the target segment’s responses.
  • Price sensitivity suggests a careful consideration of delivery charges to maximize adoption.
  • The name and logo resonate well with the target audience, indicating a positive brand perception.


  • Sapience’s research indicates a positive market reception for the proposed pharmacy application, suggesting potential success should the project be pursued. Suggestions for improvements and optimal pricing strategies provide actionable insights for development and marketing strategies.