True Omni-Channel Solution

Customers today demand a consistent and personalized purchase experience across all channels: physical, web, and mobile. In this new multichannel environment, marketers and retailers are faced with the difficulty to access the shopping experience that occurs in both online and offline channels. Usually, marketers know which online marketing activities pushed people to visit their websites. Sales-people know which leads converted into sales. Closed-loop online marketing connects the dots and converts traffic into leads and then customers. However, the loop between online channels, websites visits, and physical locations is disconnected.

Sapience Consultancy partners with Seeketing to bring to the Middle East an offline consumer behavior integrated with the use of mobile devices. A unique cross-channel solution (offline + online + mobile) that allows stores, malls, showrooms to communicate through online (web) and mobile campaigns and measure the effectiveness and conversion at the point of sale.

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The technology provides a coherent and integrated solution based on mobile technology (WiFi and Bluetooth), which allows the tracking of visitors either online or at the physical location. This facilitates the understanding of the full shopper funnel while also offering the capability to push targeted communications to clients when visiting the location.

Seeketing assigns the same ID for each visitor, both when they visit the physical venue/store or when they use your Apps, or visit web or e-commerce site. It is not necessary for visitors to install an app on their devices, overcoming barriers of beacons based solutions.

Seeketing outperforms the results and effectiveness of other technologies like ibeacons and WIFI router reuse (WIFI Social). Wi-Fi Routers currently provide valid information for connected users (max 20%), only Seeketing offers reliable information from unconnected users (up to 70%).

Seeketing provides an in-depth view of the performance of each location. In addition to metrics such as unique visitors, recurrence of visits, or dwell time. The solution helps in understanding which factors influence the differences in performance among zones and stores, improving investment decisions and marketing assets.

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Benefits for the store operation and marketing:

  • Measure traffic and conversion for store-within-a-store concepts, departments, layouts, and kiosks.
  • Conversion ratios by-product category: how many people pass in front of a product and how many sales it generates
  • Calculate the optimal time for each type of in-store promotion
  • Where to place each product to obtain the maximum number of impacts in the minimum time
  • Identify the more profitable areas to rent products placement, digital signage, etc..
  • Identify traffic cycles across the day, week, or year
  • Tailor customer-to-staff ratio to maximize sales and deliver great customer experience

Benefits for mall owners and managers:

  • Identify the most profitable areas to rent stores, pop shops, stands, events, and identify areas that work together (Cross-Shopping).
  • Identifies imbalances in the mix of the operators offer and improves the location of stores, screens or signage.
  • Negotiates based on accurate traffic data (stores, and zones).
  • Measures the impact of events on traffic and on dwell times, and schedule the events that work best.
  • Choose the schedules and dates with the greatest impact when organizing new store openings, events, promotions …
  • Learn how your customers’ loyalty evolves

Maximize the business:

  • Calculate conversion rates, spotting norms, trends, and outliers
  • Identify high-performing stores and investigate them for best practices. Discover low-performing stores and target them for training or support programs
  • Assess the value of your store locations and optimize your store network.

Increase visits and shopping experience through personalization

Seeketing features tools for store revitalization based on the online-offline identification and segmentation of visitors. Through marketing personalization, managers will obtain higher conversion and retention rates, optimizing their budgets.

The information generated by customer’s behavior on the web, Social Media or Apps have been disconnected from the in-store behavioral data. Seeketing solves the gap by providing the same ID (unique profile) on each client that includes physical location, web, Social Media and apps, which will allow us not only to know the customer in more detail but to act on the entire online-offline visit-to-purchase path and measuring results.

By providing unified online-offline profiles, Seeketing will help analyze how online/offline advertising campaigns impact on traffic and sales, and it will provide tools for in-situ communication with visitors, enabling us to offer them those deals that best suit their needs both at the point of sale and the e-commerce site.

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Benefits of omnichannel personalization:

  • Create personalized marketing campaigns based on their interests and profiles through email, SMS – Whatsapp and Application Push Notification.
  • Understand the path to purchase more completely, activating purchases (within both channels, online and in-store).
  • Encouraging shoppers to move through the buying path.
  • Ensures that monthly sales goals are achieved by automating the promotions system.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your online campaigns to get traffic to the store and identify the successful tactics that yield the most traffic.
  • Learn how your customers’ loyalty evolves. Reward visitors for their visits, time spent in the store to recognize their loyalty and increase recurrence.
  • Improve conversion rates by identifying the key factors involved.
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Know your customers to improve satisfaction

Seeketing obtains the best ratios and quality of surveys when sending messages to the mobile when the user is detected inside the store or attending an event, both users with APP and without APP installed that have authorized it.

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Gamification, reduce costs, improve fidelity

Seeketing also allows creating all types of games and dynamics of participation using mobile phones, through App integration, WIFI, RRSS, etc .. It does not require a hostess to register the participants in the information point, everything is automated through the visitor’s phone.

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