Unlocking the Key to Success: Sapience’s Focus Groups and Central Location Test for a New Juice Brand Entering the UAE Market

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Sapience is a market research company that specializes in providing insights and recommendations to businesses launching new products. In this case study, we will discuss how Sapience helped a new juice brand entering the UAE market to gain a competitive edge by conducting focus groups followed by a central location test (CLT).


The client, a new juice brand, was planning to launch its products in the UAE market. The brand’s goal was to provide customers with a unique and healthy juice experience that stood out from the competition. The brand had already conducted extensive research on customer preferences and product development. However, they needed more insights to ensure their product was well-received by the UAE market. To achieve this, the brand approached Sapience to conduct research to help inform its launch strategy.


Sapience proposed conducting a round of focus groups to gain insights into customer preferences and expectations before conducting the CLT. We recruited participants from different nationalities and age groups to participate in focus groups, where they were asked open-ended questions about their preferences, habits, and attitudes toward juice products. We also explored their perceptions of the brand and its messaging.

Based on the feedback from the focus groups, we helped the client refine the juice variants and the product’s branding. We then conducted a CLT in a central location with a high footfall, allowing us to gather feedback from a diverse group of consumers. We identified a suitable location in a popular hotel in Dubai and recruited 150 participants to taste the brand’s different juice variants and provide feedback on taste, texture, quality, and overall appeal. Participants were also asked to rate the product’s packaging, branding, and messaging.


The focus groups and CLT results provided our client with valuable insights into the product’s taste, quality, and appeal. Participants gave positive feedback on the juices’ taste, texture, and quality. However, some feedback was that the juices were too sweet, and a few participants found some of the juices too tangy.

The feedback on product appeal was also valuable. The majority of participants liked the branding, packaging, and messaging of the product. However, some participants suggested that the branding could be more visually appealing to grab attention and that the messaging could be clearer.

Sapience’s Recommendations:

Based on the feedback gathered during the focus groups and CLT, Sapience made the following recommendations to our client:

  1. Reduce the sweetness level of the juice variants to cater to consumers who prefer less sweet juices.
  2. Address the feedback on tanginess by refining the recipe of the juices with feedback on the taste from the CLT.
  3. Refine the product’s branding to make it more visually appealing and attention-grabbing.
  4. Clarify the packaging messaging to highlight the product’s unique selling points.


By conducting a round of focus groups followed by a CLT, Sapience was able to provide our client with valuable insights and recommendations to ensure the success of their new juice brand in the UAE market. Our client used the feedback to refine the product, packaging and messaging, and the brand was well-received by consumers upon launch. Sapience was proud to have played a part in the success of our client’s new product.