Effectiveness of Native Advertising


The type of online advertising that matches and integrates with websites, where its content being relevant to the users, is known as ‘Native Advertising’.

The Challenge

Perform a measurement of recall, analysing the elements that capture attention, and thereby create criteria for measuring the effectiveness of native advertising and the advantage offered over other types of advertising.

The Solution

  • To study the impact of this type of advertising, an analysis of data obtained through a CAPI survey was performed. Different creatives of native advertising were shown, in different devices (Smartphone, PC and Tablets).
  • Various profile types were detected, revealing their behaviors and attitudes when faced with these creatives, comparing them with other types of online advertising.

The Solution

  • Through the study, we detected the extent to which this advertising is integrated in the content in which users are interested, by support and device.
  • Then the perception of the campaign by the users was evaluated, what makes them increase / decrease the probability of clicking on a given ad, as well as what subsequent behavior the campaign generates on users (brand search on the web, social media monitoring…).

The Results

  • Understanding how native advertising and the subsequent behaviour it generates is perceived, its results can be improved.
  • We can increase visits to our website by integrating advertising with content, gaining greater user interaction, if we get more attention and increase monitoring and comments on social networks, generating linkages offering confidence.