Motor Show – Measure Footfall Traffic

Overview (Measure Footfall Traffic)

During the Dubai Motor Show held in DWTC from 14th to 18th November 2018, Infiniti Middle East, in partnership with Sapience, was able to measure in real-time the precise number of footfall traffic and the visitors’ behavior in its exhibition stand in an unprecedented way.

The project was implemented by using Seeketing, the true omnichannel solution that we provide in the region. Seeketing nodes combine cellular technology, WIFI, and Bluetooth for the detection and identification of unique visitors, all anonymous and invisible for visitors. The use of these three types of signals with timestamps allows us to provide a variety of coverage ranges and total flexibility to adapt to the client’s needs in physical location.


The project’s main aim is to measure footfall traffic and uncover areas around visitors’ behavior and buying paths to help Infiniti enhance the customer journey and customize communication and experience.

Set Up

  • We have placed Seeketing Nodes under each vehicle on the stand, VIP area, and the Reception Desk.
  • We have set up the Nodes to exclude all employees from having only the measurements based on unique visits in our reporting.
  • Visitors have to stand beside the car for 1 minute to be considered in the radios area.
  • All visitors on the stand were measured as a combination of all nodes together.
Location of nodes in Infiniti stand


  • 5,267 visits with 3,986 unique visitors to our stand.
  • Average time spends on the stand in total 5:53 min.
  • Strongest day: Friday with 1,702 visits to the stand
real-time footfall measurement

Flow Between Zones

The majority of visitors were starting their journey from four main hot points. The first entry point is at Q50S located at the bottom right corner of the stand and faces both Porches and Jaguar stands. Q50S received the highest number of visitations, which equals 1,019. The second entry point was at Q60S, located towards the utmost right of the stand and facing Mercedes Bens’ stand. The third and fourth entry points are Qx80 and the reception desk. With further analysis, we could model the top flows between cars and zones.

footfall traffic flow

Interesting Facts

  • 1.11% unique visits from 30m Radios around the stand.
  • 2.13% conversion to Leads.
  • 3.1.4% conversion to Sales.
  • 4.70% of Visits have spent 5 to 20 minutes at the VIP Table Area.
  • 5.9% of visits have spent more than 20 minutes at the VIP table Area with an avg. of 36min ( most likely negotiation duration.)
  • 6.4.3% of visitors on the stand have been to one of INFINITI showrooms before the DIMS.
footfall traffic heatmap

During the show, the Infiniti team were able to track the number of the total visitors to the exhibition halls up to a radius range of 75 meters, then the conversion to the window display area calibrated to a radius range of 30 meters (37,125 unique window visitors in four days). The window opportunity is another important metric that indicates the average time people spend in areas around the stand. Every visitor who came to the stand and spent more than one minute around a car is considered as a lead, by combining data with the VIP stand node, we were able to derive the conversion to hot leads (those who spent in the VIP Lounge for more than 10 minutes).
Moreover, the conversion between Infiniti showrooms and the motor show is also captured. As 4.3% of the visitors to the stand have already visited in the past one of the showrooms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In comparison, the number of people who visit the showrooms after the motor show will be determined in time.