Enhancing Customer Experience


A prominent multinational casual dining restaurant in Dubai wanted to enhance customer experience from the moment a customer enters the restaurant until they pay the bills and leave

The Challenge

The aim is to retain customers and increase the frequency of repeated visits to the restaurant.

The Solution

  • We carried out multiple stages project through feedback research (IDIs and surveys) observations and experimentation to analyse the complete customer journey (inspire to visit, welcome, deliver, deepen/commitment and return)
  • We analysed the internal perception of the client’s management versus staff versus customer experience and reality.
  • Through the analysis we were able to find mismatches between the client’s view and what is happening and the customer dining experience in the restaurant.
  • We detected which stages in the customer journey are critical and need attention and improvement.

The Results

A simple changes in the customer service inside the restaurant (like improvements in “payment of bills”) helped improve the customer experience and resulted in increasing the frequency of repeats by 12%.