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Evaluation and Concept Testing for a Proposed Pharmacy Mobile Application
This case study explores the market research conducted by Sapience to assess the feasibility and market readiness for a…
Understanding Consumer Behavior: A Deep Dive into the Canned Food Industry
In today's fast-paced world, convenience foods like canned products have become a staple in many households.
Customer Satisfaction for a Leading Bank in UAE
The bank in UAE aimed to understand the key drivers of customer satisfaction, areas for improvement, and opportunities to…
Understanding Shawarma Brand Health in KSA
A leading food brand in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) sector aimed to deeply understand Shawarma's consumption habits and…
Consumer Preferences in Furniture Purchasing
A prominent furniture retailer in KSA sought to understand consumer purchasing behaviors and preferences in the realm of home…
Unlocking the Key to Success: Sapience’s Focus Groups and Central Location Test for a New Juice Brand Entering the UAE Market
In this case study, we will discuss how Sapience helped a new juice brand entering the UAE market to…
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